Bloom Koizumi

Bloom Koizumi (小泉ブルーム) is a member of the main Figure group Figure 5 member. Bloom is from Aomori, but moved to Tokyo to study at Tokyo Figure Academy in grade 7. Her alter ego is Figure Bloom, with her image color is pale pink and her power is flowers. Her seiyuu is Risa Taneda (video) while her English voice actor is Monica Rial.

Appearance: Edit

She has fair skin, light pink hair tied in pigtails and thin green eyes. Her makeup is light pink eyelash and pink lipstick. She wears a pale pink and white shirt with a pink vest under it, and a pastel pink skirt with pink trousers. She wears white socks and pink shoes with white laces. She also wears a puzzle piece necklace, wears a pink glove on her left hand and a pink bracelet on her right arm as accessories.

Personality, Likes and Dislikes: Edit

As a member of a elite family, she is sassy, aggressive and always wants the things her way. She is also sociable and does makeup every time, which make people love her appearance.

She doesn't have strengths, but has a talent at designing makeup. Her hobbies are shopping, and she likes buying clothes, makeup and gossip magazines. She hopes to get American teen magazines and Korean teen magazines to learn about American and Korean teen culture.

Alter Ego: Edit

Figure Bloom

"Everlasting petals! Figure Bloom, Figure Of Flowers!"

As Figure Bloom, her outfit is changed into a dress with a pale pink base and rose pink ends on the end of the dress, and on her bow and on her sleeves. She also has pale pink gloves, and pale pink ballerina-styled heels with white socks and pale pink metal feet bracelets. She transforms using her Figure Watch. However, in her Zeo form, her skirt has a sliver end, her socks are turned sliver, her laces are turned sliver and her bow is turned sliver.

Ethnology: Edit

Koizumi (小泉) means small spring in Japanese

Bloom is an American name.

Trivia: Edit

  • Bloom's voice actor and seiyuu was both chosen in a own contest.