(After intro, the episode title fades out in a sky background. Then in a black car, two doors open and Marine and her father walk to the entrance of the school)

Marine: I’m Shimizu Marine, a 13-year old human girl who just moved from a beachside apartment in Okinawa to Tokyo in the summertime, because my father had a new job at a special school, which is known for learning how to be Japan’s best superheroes: Figures.

That’s right, I am going to be a figure for the rest of my life, and it surely will change my life forever. But today on, it’s only just the beginning.

Hiroshi: Marine, before you leave me, here is the school rules and what to do within becoming a figure (hands a booklet with a red cover and the words “Tokyo Figure Academy Guide Booklet” in small bold gold letters written). Good luck!

Marine: (smiles and bows) Thanks Dad! (Hiroshi leaves and Marina waves) I’ll do my best!

(Principal Matsuyama enters, holding a phone-styled device)

Principal Matsuyama: Ah, you must be Marine. Let me take you around the school to see where your classes are. Just remember, like what it said on your booklet here, the numbers on each door go by block, floor and room, except for dorms, they go by floor and room. The dorms are separate to the school, just ten kilometers away from the cafeteria. Overall I think you’ll like it here. Have you saved anyone before, Marina?

Marine: A couple of times, when boys are bullying my younger sister and her friends. The bullies punches were too hard, that when I tried to block them, I get bruises. (Marina shows a recent bruise in the palm of her hand to Principal Matsuyama).

Principal Matsuyama: Hmm...that shows that you can be a figure that has shield attacks.

Marine: How would they choose which power I will have?

Principal Matsuyama: Your father and I will talk about it very soon. Okay, what’s your third lesson?

Marine: (looks at her schedule, which is in the bottom of her booklet) Physical Education.

Principal Matsuyama: That’s quite easy. (points to the school ground). Run to the school ground and tell the teacher that you are a new student. He will help you with today’s lesson.

Marine: Ok! (smiles, bows and runs while waving to Principal Matsuyama)

Student 1: Come on! Cannot we have a beep test? It’s supremely unfair!

Student 2: We know who’s going to win eh?

Mr Aotori: We have to! It’s the first thing and last thing we have to do for each school year…

Marine: Sorry! (Marine runs to Mr Aotori, and freezes in a sad emotion. Mr Aotori gave her a glare) I am a new student, so what do I do…

Mr Aotori: (sighs of annoyance) You have to watch them from the edge. Oh, and before you leave the track, please ask Ms Aotori to give you a new PE kit. You might be able to design it when you have transformed.

Marine: (pants) Yes! (runs to Ms Aotori)

Mr Aotori: Been running to the stadium eh? She has followed the rules quite well.

Ms Aotori: How long have you been in Tokyo? Marine: About a week from here. Have you been working here for a long time?

Ms Aotori: Ten years, like my father. Ah you look like the new teacher….I forgot his name

Marine: Shimizu-sensei? That’s my father.

Ms Aotori: He seems very nice. Does he have a wife?

Marine: (eyebrows raise up) Eh? What kind of question is that? He divorced with his recent one about three years ago. Why do you want to ask?

Ms Aotori: I think I read your mind. You seem very confused about my emotions. It’s alright. I like people just as they are, except my husband. He takes care of people younger than him way too strictly.

Marine: I can see that, Ms Aotori.

(Students go shocked and some students were whooping loudly)

Marine: Eh? What’s going on?

Ms Aotori: Looks like a student beat the record of your grade. That’s Nuria, the Figure of Fire. Principal Matsuyama chose that power for her because Nuria is always on fire.

Marine: Really? Her skills are amazing.

Ms Aotori: I heard she updated them in the summer. She went to Scandinavia and exercised a lot. She also found a wolf, and kept it secretly, because the villains have took her dead mother.

Marine: (raises her eyebrows) Eh? But students aren’t allowed to keep pets!

Ms Aotori: You are taking it too seriously, my dear. Other students don’t follow the rules sometimes. Especially bad students.

Marine: But Nuria-san isn’t a bad student, isn’t she?

Ms Aotori: It’s what my grandfather used to tell me: When they aren’t figures, they aren’t even following the school’s rules, but if they are figures, especially within the figure rules, they follow to save the day. You will come though that, dear. And I will support you, like I did with the other students.

Marine: Thanks for everything! (bows at her and smiles) I’ll do my best!

(In the lockers of a hallway, Marine took her purse, but a football whacked her head)

Marine: Ow! That hurts! (rubs her head)

Nuria: Sorry! (takes the ball and puts it on her locker)

Marine: Eh? (gets shocked and points at her) Your Nuria-san! Congrats on the new record!

Nuria: Thanks! Your Marine right? I have your dad as a teacher at fourth lesson. I am also with you for fifth lesson, (sighs of relief) which is Elemental Science. It’ll be fun, because you might discover what is your new power’s strengths and weaknesses.

Marine: Thanks for the information about it, but I don’t have to be in fifth period today, because the principal is organising my manipulation trying course after school. So sorry, but you can tell me about it sometime about it after.

Nuria: Oh, what a pity then. Hey, want to sit with my friends during lunchtime?

Marine: Sure, why not!

(Picking food from the canteen)

Nuria: So you’re from Okinawa, huh? What is it like from here?

Marine: Umm...nice beaches. I like swimming in the ocean there.

Nuria: Really? Do you find sea creatures there?

Marine: Nope. I never swam that far. I’m just like a beginner.

Nuria: Oh, that’s okay! But I hope you get aquatic powers (touches her shoulder)! Hey, Bloom is here! Follow me (tags her arm)!

Bloom: (sighs) Ah...Korea! It was the best! (Scene fades into Bloom enjoying her Korean summer holiday)

Nuria: (cloud puffs) Hey Bloom!

Bloom: (gets shocked) Wah! Hi Nuria-san, how was your summer (smiles)?

Nuria: Good. I went to Scandinavia for the first week. It was hot and very tiring.

Bloom: Mmm...I interesting...BUT MY SUMMER WAS AMAZING! (eyes glitter as she stare at her) We went to Jeju, and Seoul and I saw such dreamy guys. (sighs)

Nuria: Dreamy? You mean like those dudes that are obsessed about soccer?

(Marine arrives in front of them, in confusion)

Bloom: Of course! What, don’t you think I should be a cheerleader?

Nuria: Ah, Marine! I forgot to introduce myself clearly. (stands up in front of Bloom) I’m Sawashiro Nuria, top sportswoman in my grade, and the most energetic girl in class. I am the figure of fire, since I’m always on fire! Oh, (sits down) and that’s Koizumi Bloom, the shopaholic girl who always wants to the the prettiest girl in the world.

Bloom: Yep. Hi. I’m the figure of flowers.

Marine: Will that increase your prettiness?

Bloom: Of course! Especially because when they see me, they feel happy.

(Orion enters)

Orion: I think it’s because people like flowers, not you.

Bloom: Shut up, you idiot! (stands and tries to slap him, but Orion squeezes her arm tight)

Orion: Oh, I’m Juneko Orion (shakes Marine’s hand). I’m called that because my great great grandfather was the tenth and youngest brother of his family. I’m the figure of colors, since I seem pretty colorful, but I’m also a big fan of technology. Here, look at my techno-pad!

Bloom: Yeah, thanks for the info! (grunts)

Orion: (shouts) Thanks for interrupting my greeting!

Marine: (grins) It’s fine! I’m Shimizu Marine!

Orion: The new girl, huh? I heard that your dad is a cool teacher. Maybe he’ll be one of the best teachers!

Nuria: Yep. They came from Okinawa, and she said that she’s a talented swimmer.

Marine: No, no, no, no, no- I am a beginner at swimming in oceans. But I swim very fast in swimming events.

Bloom: Good thing. (grabs her nail file and brushes) Maybe you’ll be in the swimming gala coming up.

Nuria: Maybe she’ll go against me! (Bloom, Orion and Nuria laughed)

Marine: Wow, these guys are awesome! Glad I got to know these dudes. It’s like a team of a girl jock, a geek,a cheerleader, and I imagine myself being a new kid. I think we’ll all go well even if Orion is the only…

Bloom: Hey, where’s Leo? He should be here with us.

Marine: Leo?

Nuria: The last remaining guy in our team. (points to five guys, four wearing black jackets) Maybe his brother is messing around with him…

Bloom: Again? Why?!

Nuria: Maybe Lee asked him to flirt with some girls... (Bloom and Nuria smirk at each other, and Leo and Lee arrive with some Japanese jocks. Leo waved at Figure 5)

Leo: Hey guys! Seriously, no way a 13-year old lion will flirt with some humans your age! Mum told me that a girl my age could be helpful for me! (pushes Lee hard and walks to the Figure 5’s table)

Lee: But come on, you need to be like me! Oh well…(walks back with his friends)

Leo: (arrives at the table) Ah, siblings, they are too hard to listen to. Especially if they persuaded you to do something. Hey, you guys, maybe you could ask for help.

Marine: Maybe don’t talk to him…

Leo: That’s a good idea! Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Hey, I’m Miyazaki Leo (winks and shooks hands with Marine).

Marine: Shimizu Marine. Nice to meet you!

Leo: And congrats on the new record Nuria! I almost beat you by 2 marks!

Nuria: That’s because I've been exercising during the summertime, in Scandinavia. Do we have soccer practice? (snatches a seaweed piece from Bloom’s lunchtray)

Bloom: Hey, you haven’t asked me for seaweed!

Leo: Yep, about the soccer practice, it’s after 5th lesson. Where do you want to meet?

Nuria: The stadium. Hey Orion, Bloom, Marine, you guys watching us?

Leo: We might promote to the next stage! (Nuria whoops and Leo and Nuria hi-fives)

Marine: I can’t…(feels upset) I have a meeting with my father about becoming a figure….

Orion: Well, I might tell you (grabs Marine by the arm and runs), follow me to the reception!

Marine: Ok....(smiles and looks back at the other members, and Leo gives her a wink, Marine blushes a little)

(At the reception)

Orion: (narrating) So the story began with an unknown family in west Tokyo, within a foreigner family: Alcazar, his wife and their two children: Trya and Serenuis. Alcazar and his wife divorced when the children were at a young age, and they move to different islands. Then Alcazar and Trya got attacked by Staralina’s crazy typhoons and transformed themselves from human to a robot and his leopard crazy monstrous daughter. While Serenuis found a trapped pegasus at his teenage years and founds out that the trapped pegasus helps figures. So he becomes the figure of heaven, and Trya traps him accidentally 200 years ago. Now, the rest of the figures around the world have to save him, including us.

Marine: All of us? Does that mean, if I became a figure, I have to save this Serenuis guy? That sounds awesome!

Orion: (hi-fives) Hey, where are you after school? Do you want to watch Nuria and Leo play soccer? They will be cool!

Marine: I can’t. As I told the others, I have a power and manipulation test. So I cannot, sorry.

Orion: It’s alright. Ok, I will see you then!

(Marine waits for a  few hours, and Hiroshi comes to Marine, who is sitting in the couch)

Hiroshi: Hey, are you ready for the power test?

Marine: Yep. (stands up) I am surely excited for this!

Hiroshi: Come with me. (walks upstairs to the 4th floor) You will see Satoshi, the head of figure science and Principal Matsuyama at the end of the studio near the science labs here. Please tell me what’s your power when you returned from the studio.

Marine: Yes! (bows down quickly and runs to the studio, when she stops by the entrance, and knocks on the door politely. Glass breaks down unexpectedly by a laser beam weapon used by Satoshi, who is a tall, foreigner looking man)

Principal Matsuyama: Thank you Satoshi. This is Satoshi, one of the former students here, and one of the most-known, thanks to his job here. He used to have the power of materials, and now currently controls materials within the studio here. Satoshi, meet Marine, the daughter of Hiroshi, the man that you met this morning. Sorry for being too formal Marine, Satoshi has aspergus.

Satoshi: But I take care of it seriously, so anyone won’t remember this.

Marine: How come you don’t have an accent like us?

Satoshi: I’m born in Britain, but was adopted to two Japanese parents. So, yeah-hello! Please come to my room. (Marine and Satoshi come to a small room, and Satoshi turns on a big screen) I have chosen some manipulations due to your profile which I looked at this morning to see what power will fit within your personality. Those manipulations are water, space, nature and weather. Try weather first. The rules of how to do it is simple. Take the palm of hand and made it stood still. Features of either weather, space, nature or water. It will last for about 20 seconds. Then it will make you decide if you will likely have a power within that topic. But sadly, three of those manipulations will accept a small sharp sting in your hand, and that’s known as no. So you heard about the rules now, haven’t you?

Marine: Yes, I have. I’m nervous about this.

Satoshi: Perfect. Your test has began.

(Marine first tried the weather power topic source. She yelped when her palm stinged. Satoshi shooked his head and write down a X on his notepad. It also happened with the space and nature power topics)

Satoshi: So I think the water power topic will suit you. Please try it.

(Marine tried it, and water flows around her arm, not like any power topic she tried. After the water fades away, she became to get worried, then became surprised and happy at the same time. She turns to Satoshi in delight)

Marine: Yes! This is the one! I have the power of water!

Satoshi: Not just any power of water. Any application, technique or variation will accept you, such as absorbing water, which is quite useful for attacking villains with big water beams, or creating waves. But I think for a new student like you, you must have a basic variation, either a lake or ocean manipulation. But we will decide with the principal and your father.

Principal Matsuyama: (opens the door) Have you done the test?

Satoshi: Yes, and the water manipulation chose her. Oh, Marine- before you go, take this: this is a watchphone, which is your transformation item. You need it every single time until you decide that you won’t be a figure anymore. The color that we chose is cyan, because it fits your glasses quite well.

Marine: Gee, thanks! It really fits me!

Principal Matsuyama: Excellent job Satoshi. Just asking you Marine, but haven’t you heard the beginning of the figures yet?

Marine: From Dad and a cat named Orion.

Principal Matsuyama: Ah- Orion...a member of one of the underrated groups within this team, called Figure 4.

Satoshi: Well, it’s kinda of a basic name because all four members of them have basic powers.

Principal Matsuyama: Exactly. I think you might likely to join them. (touches Marine’s shoulder) You have a basic power, like them too. Have you met them before?

Marine: Yes! I had lunch with them today.

Principal Matsuyama: Excellent. The next time you will see either Nuria, Leo, Bloom or Orion, tell them that I will accept you into joining the group.

Sadie: Umm, (opens the door quickly) Ms Matsuyama- I decided a room for Marine.

Principal Matsuyama: Good. Your father, Satoshi and I will speak about your power. Sadie, ask her father to come to the studio.

Sadie: Yes, please!

Marine: It’s lovely to meet you, Ms Matsuyama and Satoshi.

Satoshi: Have a good time here! (waves and smiles here)

Sadie: (Marine and Sadie walked passed Hiroshi) Principal Matsuyama needs to speak you you, Mr Shimizu.

Marine: (whispers to Hiroshi) I got something aquatic. I actually don’t remember what it is.

Hiroshi: (whispers) Good!
(Sadie and Marine walked to a golden glass lift. Marine stared at Sadie in concern)

Marine: Have you been an alumni student here before, Ms...

Sadie: Please call me Sadie, and no, I haven’t been a student here. However I seem to hate the attitude of some students. This is a very rich school, especially because you have to learn how to become the best superheroes in all of Tokyo. Some students don’t understand the point of it and act like normal students instead. Ah, this might be your room. (knocks the door)

Nuria: (inside the room, looking at her laptop) Hey, I think that’s Marine. She’s been accepted by the principal to join us: Figure 4.

Bloom: (in the bathroom, doing her mascara) Oh, that will be great, a new person joining us! (sarcastically) Why did the school do this to us?

Nuria: (holding the doorknob) Oh come on Bloom, I know it might be a last-minute decision but Marine is going to be an awesome figure. I know she will! (opens the door) Welcome Marine!

Marine: (bows to her) Thanks!

Nuria: (gently smacks her on the shoulder) Don’t be too formal now, look this is ‘Figure School’, and we are teens now. We have to act ‘the cool way’….so hey! (hi-five and low-fives Marine). Hey, you are too quick!

Bloom: (comes while biting on her toothbrush) And, yeah- we heard about the acceptance to the Figure 4 group. Hey, are we called Figure 5 now?

Nuria: Ah, yeah- we are!

Marine: (giggles while shrugs her shoulder) I’m happy that you are welcoming me. So what are we going for dinner? Nuria: Surfing Turfing. One of the best beach restaurants ever, it’s half a minute away. My family comes there every single summer, and oh- the meals are tasty, you’ll like them! Hey, Bloom! Are you ready yet?

Bloom: Yeah, but wait a minute... (adds her lipgloss)

Nuria: Let’s go! Leo and Orion is waiting for us!

(Nuria and Bloom runs fast, while Marine catches up to them. Nuria runs to a lift that’s almost closing and pushes the open button. Bloom and Marine catches up. Nuria closes the door, and all three of them looked at each other and giggled. The doors opened and the girls walked passed, with Orion and Leo joining them. They stopped)

Leo: Hey, there you are! We’ve been waiting for 15 mins! (touches Marine’s shoulder) Orion told me that you're joining us 4, are you? (pats her on the back) Good job!

Marine: (giggles and blushes) Thanks! Just to let you know, I have the power of something water-themed!

Nuria: The rival of my power. Surely we’ll get along well.

Bloom: Yeah, very funny…(everyone looked at Bloom in puzzlement) Sorry, I am in grumpy mood because I had a good summer, and now it’s back to school (stomps her foot)

Tyra: (standing outside) Hey, you know I can hear the stomp from outside.

(Every Figure 5 member ran outside to see Tyra. Tyra give everyone a smirk and Marine becomes frighten while the rest glares at her)

Nuria: (in anger) Tyra! Everyone, let’s transform!

Marine: But I can’t transform right now!

Leo: (grabs Marine’s arm) Run to the dorm entrance! (Marine runs in a frightened feeling). Now, let’s transform!

All: Hajimara Figure 4! Nature Evolution, Go! (grabs their watch-phones, presses the Kanji Evolution App

(Orion transforms first, and fades into a shadow. The kanji “色” in grey fades in and in a flash, he is standing with his head seen and is in a hoop with gradient rainbow colors. His shoes transformed first, which was being hidden by a grey light. They also use the same shadows for his figure suit, while gradient rainbow hoops transformed his watch-phone. He turns, high-kicks and poses in a rainbow-colored background)

(Bloom transforms next, and fades into a shadow. The kanji “花” in pink fades in and in a flash, she is standing with her head seen and is in flower petals flowing at each direction. Her shoes transformed first, which was being hidden by a pink light. They also use the same shadows for her figure suit. Flower petals flow around like a chain and transformed her watch-phone. She turns, balances in an arabesque and poses in a flowery background)

(Leo transforms next, and fades into a shadow. The kanji “風” in purple fades in and in a flash, he is standing with his head seen and is in wind flowing around in each direction. His shoes transformed first, which was being hidden by a purple light. They also use the same shadows for his figure suit. Wind flows around like a chain and transformed his watch-phone. He turns, backflips and poses in a windy background)

(Nuria transforms last, and fades into a shadow. The kanji “火” in red fades in and in a flash, she is standing with her head seen and is in two rings of fire making the letter X. Her shoes transformed first, which was being hidden by a red light. They also use the same shadows for her figure suit. A big lava of fire transformed her watch-phone. She turns, cartwheels and poses in a fire background)

Orion: Shining lights, Figure Orion, Figure of Colors!

Bloom: Everlasting petals, Figure Bloom, Figure of Flowers!

Leo: Courageous air, Figure Leo, Figure of Wind!

Nuria: Fearless flames, Figure Nuria, Figure of Fire!

All: We 4 will shine to save the nature, new, Hajimara Figures!

Marine: Hajimara Figures?

Nuria: Yes, that’s our first form! But don’t worry, we have another form.

Marine: Another form? (in shock) That means I have to transform into two forms! You’ve got to be kidding!

Tyra: (walks to Marine) Looks like you have a new friend. (uses a fire to attack Marine and Marine is thrown to the end of the right side, into the ocean. She landed at the deck of the sea).

Nuria: Hey, don’t hit her! Guys, stop her!

Orion: On it! Orion Iro Shoot!

Leo: Leo Kaze Rhapsody!

Tyra: (affected by the grey and violet rays) AAARRGGGHH!! Why would you do this to me???

(Orion and Leo gave each other a hi-five)

Bloom: Let’s add more rays, and more beams!

Orion: Hey, that will be dangerous! We’ll lose enough power!

Bloom: Bloom Hana Beam!

(The pink light beam full of petals of Bloom’s attack crossovered with the other attack’s rays. When they stop lighting, Trya grabs her phone and calls the spaceships. Hearing everything from behind, Marine felt some water vibes in her hands when she is sitting on the edge of the ocean’s sea. She started to yelp but it didn’t work. Suddenly her hands glowed into a cyan light. She stood up to feel them and the light became bigger and stronger. Nuria turned around, looking shocked)

Nuria: Hey, look! Marine’s transforming! (Leo, Bloom and Orion turned around. They all hold in the fence near the oceans)

Tyra: (Tyra gets pissed) UGH! WHY YOU? I THOUGHT YOU WERE USELESS! (Spaceships arrive and Tyra smirked) Just in time..

Marine: Listen Tyra, you say I am weak, huh? But not anymore! Hajimara Figure 5! Nature Evolution, Go!

(She is within the same transformation structure as the other figures, however she didn’t have the beginning of the transformation, and she transformed slowly. In a blue light, her shoes and figure suits transformed and ocean water transforms her watch-phone. She flipped to surprise the figures and villains and she glared at Tyra furiously)

Marine: Beautiful waves, Figure Marine, Figure of Oceans! I am the last remaining member to make this figure team, so watch out for us. (She turned to the other Figure 5 members and  they nod their heads together) We are now…

All: (poses) FIGURE 5!