I'm Marine, Figure Of Oceans! (マリン,図の海! (Marin, Zu no Umi!)) is the first episode of the Figure 5 series.

Plot: Edit

Marine Shimizu, a girl from Okinawa comes to her new school, the Tokyo Figure Academy and meets her fellow figures: Leo Miyazaki, Orion Juneko, Bloom Koizumi and Nuria Sawashiro, but a first step of difficulty will enter for the new figure in town- Marine. What challenges will she take?

Summary: Edit

Marine and her father Hiroshi arrived in Tokyo Figure Academy in a black cab and walks out to the entrance. Hiroshi gives her a Tokyo Figure Academy Guide Booklet before dismounting in front of her. Principal Matsuyama met Marine in the entrance and gave Marine some tips. Marine then arrived to her third lesson, which is Physical Education. In Physical Education, she had been told by the PE teacher Mr Aotori that she has to watch her class's beep test, while she socializes with his wife about Marine's father and the personality of the students here, with Ms Aotori said that 'if the figures aren't in their alter ego, then they aren't following the rules', and Ms Aotori gave Marine her brand new PE kit. Just before lunch, Marine was putting her PE kit in her locker, when she met her first Figure 5 teammate Nuria, and decided to have lunch with her. During lunch, she met her other Figure 5 teammates, while Bloom talks about her holiday in South Korea, Orion interupting her, saying that people like flowers instead of her prettiness, and Bloom tries to hurt him back but Orion takes revenge. Leo is the last one to arrive, after disagreeing on relationships with his brother Lee and his clique of jocks. Leo and Nuria start talking about soccer practice and letting the other figures join him but Marine said she cannot join them because she has a figure power testing course in Lesson 5. Just before the course, Marine was told a story about the figures and how they began with Serenius. Hiroshi took her to the figure power testing course, when she meets Principal Matsuyama and an alumni named Satoshi and they investigated that Marine should have an aquatic power, which was replied by Marine to Hiroshi. She was tooken to her room by a stubborn housekeeper named Sadie, when she realized her roommates are Nuria and Bloom. She met the boys of the group when Bloom starts to get upset of the first day of school and stopped that made Tyra surprise them. The transformed figures turned into their alter egos and started fighting Tyra when Tyra attacked Marine and threw her to the sea. When the others were still fighting, Marine felt some water vibes in her arms and surprised the figures and Tyra that she is transforming into her alter ego Figure Marine. In front of Tyra, and upcoming spaceships, the 5 figures began to debut as Figure 5.

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