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Leo Miyazaki (宮崎レオ) is a member of Figure 5. Leo is from Tokyo and studied at Tokyo Figure Academy ever since his first year, like Nuria. His alter ego is Figure Leo, with his color being purple. His seiyuu is Natsuki Hanae (video) while his English voice actor is Bryce Papenbrook.

Appearance: Edit

His skin is a little bit darker than the other student. His hair is spiky and purple, almost like a mohawk, and has large eyes with small irises and pupils. He wears a purple short-sleeved shirt t-shirt and blue shorts, white socks with black and white striped shoes.

Personality, Likes and Dislikes: Edit

Leo is stoic, friendly to people and is also smart. He is also very sporty, like Nuria, as he is good at soccer, archery and likes plays video games as well, and is also talented in calligraphy. He likes fun, and often wants a lot of people in his room at the night time, mostly the members of Figure 5. He is also a bit aggressive at times, and doesn't like fights.

He likes soccer and is a midfielder of the school soccer team. When he is a child, he often gets trading cards of football stars from Japan. He shows his friends the cards, which annoyed some people, such as Bloom. However, he also likes impressing girls on the topic on his age, as been asked by his older brother Lee. In some of the episodes in Season 1, Marine often blushes when he impresses her.

Ethnology: Edit

Miyazaki (宮崎) means shrine cape in Japanese.

Leo means lion in Latin.

Trivia: Edit

  • Nuria and Leo's personalities are similar, as they are in the same football team.
  • Leo is the first male figure to be announced in this wikia.
  • In some points, people says his species is a hedgehog with 'a lion's spiky mane'.