Marine Shimizu

Image of herself

Marine Shimizu (清水マリン) is the main protagonist of the whole Figure 5 series. Marine is a transfer student of Tokyo Figure Academy from Okinawa. She is currently 13 years old, and is a member of the Figure 5 team. Her alter ego is Figure Marine, with her image color being cyan and her power being oceans. Her seiyuu is Sora Amamiya (video) while her English voice actor is Christine Marie Cabanos.

Appearance: Edit

Her hair is black, long and wavy while she has large light blue eyes, with cyan glasses with large lenses. In her normal self, she wears a white t-shirt with a light blue bow on the side and white shorts with a light blue belt in the top and light blue puffs at the end. She wears light blue feet bands and black heels.

Personality, Likes and Dislikes: Edit

Marine is a very shy girl at first, but when people get to know her, she becomes cheerful and kind. She cannot stand arguments and loves peace and quiet in her spare time. She likes to be very nice to others and also likes to protect people. As the episodes go by, Marine starts to become friendly and leader-type to the fellow Figure 5 members.

Marine is also a bit childish, and likes to get gashapon capules and trading cards of magical girls, which slightly annoys some people, but not the rest of Figure 5. She dislikes having a step-mother, because step-mothers are quite strict on people.

Alter Ego: Edit

Figure Marine

Hajimira Figure Marine

"Beautiful waves! Figure Marine, Figure of Oceans!"

As Figure Marine, her outfit is changed into a dress with a cyan base and dark cyan ends on the end of the dress, and on her bow and on her sleeves. She also has cyan gloves, and cyan boots with white laces, with white socks and cyan metal feet bracelets. Her glasses are not in the transformation. She transforms using her Figure Watch. However, in her Zeo form, her skirt has a sliver end, her socks are turned sliver, her laces are turned sliver and her bow is turned sliver.

Her attacks are Marine Mizu Ace (in Hajimira form) and Bubble Twirl Zeo (in Zeo form), and her Zeo weapon is her Mizu Hajimira Zeo Stick, which resembling shape is a five-pointed star.

Ethnology: Edit

Shimizu (清水) means pure water in Japanese

Marine means from the sea in Latin.

Trivia: Edit

  • Marine is the first Figure announced for the series
  • She is the first Figure who became a Figure after her teammates.