Nuria Sawashiro

Image of herself

Nuria Sawashiro (沢城ヌリア) is a member of the main Figure group Figure 5. Nuria is from Tokyo, and studied at Tokyo Figure Academy ever since her first year. Her alter ego is Figure Nuria, with her image color being red and her power being fire. Her seiyuu is Minako Kotobuki while her English voice actor is Caitlin Glass.

Appearance: Edit

She has golden wavy hair tied in a left-side low ponytail and red cherry earrings. In her normal self, she wears a red vest with a red bra stiched to it, and white jeans with a red belt. She also sometimes wear a red cap with the words "YES! I'M BURNING!" in white and bold on the front of the cap. She wears white boots with red laces and red heels as her shoes.

Personality, Likes and Dislikes: Edit

Nuria is very energetic, clever at times and independent, and is also very sporty, as she is one of the fastest runners in the school and is in the mixed-gender soccer team as the striker. She is also helpful when she gives out tips to new people, such as Marine. Nuria also doesn't give up on anything, and wants revenge, which makes herself and her fire powers stronger than before.

Nuria loves watching soccer games with her father and older brother on television, and especially loves the team London Jetsons, which is a woman soccer team from England. Her fave player is the striker Wendy Robinson, and wants to be like her.

Alter Ego: Edit

Figure Nuria

Hajimira Figure Nuria

"Fearless flames! Figure Nuria, Figure Of Fire!"

As Figure Nuria, her outfit is changed into a dress with a red base and dark red ends on the end of the dress, and on her bow and on her sleeves. She also has red gloves, and red boots with white laces, with white socks and red metal feet bracelets. She transforms using her Figure Watch. However, in her Zeo form, her skirt has a sliver end, her socks are turned sliver, her laces are turned sliver and her bow is turned sliver.

Ethnology: Edit

Sawashiro (沢城) means swamp castle in Japanese

Nuria means fire in Spanish

Trivia: Edit

  • Nuria is Spanish decent.