Orion is a member of Figure 5, the main Figure group. Orion is from Osaka but moved to Tokyo to study at Tokyo Figure Academy. His alter ego is Figure Orion with his image color being sliver and his power is colors. His seiyuu is Subaru Kimura and his English voice actor is Johnny Yong Bosch (video).

Appearance: Edit

Orion has skinny yellow fur with orange stripes, a long orange tail, a white nose, grey eyes and has pale pink on the inside of his long ears. He wears a sliver bracelet on his left arm, sliver glasses and a grey tie which he wears in school.

Personality, Likes and Dislikes: Edit

He is the geek of the team, and seems nerdy at times but also likes to tease people, especially Bloom. He cannot live without his loved tablet, iOri. He, although hates some food, such as some smelly cat food his parents made him feed at dinnertimes.

Ethnology: Edit

Juneko means tenth cat

Orion means rising in the sky in Greek

Trivia: Edit

  • His surname's history is that his great grandfather was the tenth out of fifteen brothers, so he called his new surname Juneko after his own mother died.
  • Orion's seiyuu and voice actor were both chosen from a own contest.